Message from the Head Gardener

Snowflakes along the woodland edge.

Spring is upon us here in Tateshina Heights, and the garden is about to have its annual opening ceremony on the 20th. Not only is this year our 30th anniversary but we have also been awarded the distinction of becoming a Partner Garden of the Royal Horticultural Society.

There are lots of flowers beginning to show in the garden; Snowdrops (Galanthus spp.) which are as good this year as they have ever been, Christmas roses (Helleborus niger cv.) now flowering in the woodland, as well as a new hellebore called “Ice and Roses” which is just now coming into flower and will continue flowering through into late April or May. The  specie Crocus on the right hand side of the Pavilion pathway are now in full colour which means the hybrids on the left hand side will soon be following. Along the edge of the Woodland, the Spring Snowflakes (Leucogeum vernum) have also begun to flower. The Eranthis hyemalis on the Scree Garden are flowering nicely and the ones under the mulberries have now begun. To a lesser extent we also have Primroses (Primula vulgaris) (Terrace), a small anemone (Anemone pseudo-altaica) (Wild Garden) and Cyclamen coum (Scree Garden) are also looking good at the moment.

This last winter has been very mild, with the temperature dropping below -10oC on only two occasions, meaning we have been able to clean the garden thoroughly over the last few weeks, and get most of the winter tree pruning done too. From now on we will begin the rose pruning which will take the rest of this month and most of the next to complete.