Message from the Head Gardener

The scene from near the bottom of the garden looking back through the flowers of the Almond towards the Lace Garden and Terrace.


Quite a bit has happened since my last post, the garden has jumped headlong into spring and is looking particularly lovely at the moment with almost all the cherries flowering, only the double flowered one yet to open. The bright yellow flowered Forsythia along the fence below the Orangery and fronting the Giardino restaurant is now coming to the end, but there is still much flower on the weeping Forsythia in the border for you to enjoy, as well as the Chaenomeles on the summer border fence which   still has plenty of red flowers on it. The Tulips and Hyacinths continue to wow visitors with their colourful blooms and amazing fragrance. The late flowering tulips are yet to open, the Queen of Night in the meadow has many, many buds now showing and will be coming into colour very soon.

With the country now in the grip of Covid 19, many places are closing down and parks which would open for the season, not opening; there are few locations for people to go for a quiet moment or two. If you happen to be in our area, Barakura is open to visitors, and the café is serving food to eat in (open air terrace and patio available) or take-away, and teas.

At the moment, the gardeners are busy trying to finish pruning the last of the roses, and prepare the lawns for reseeding. Both of which new members of the volunteer Barakura Gardening Club, are helping with. Many are people forced to take holiday from workplaces which have closed down and feeling the need to do something. So if you are bored out of your mind, come and give us a hand.


Andy Fisher, Barakura Head Gardener, May 6th 2020.